CAPSULE Portable Storage Containers

CAPSULEs are 8'x16' moving and storage containers available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Use them for moving, on-site, or off-site storage purposes. The choice is yours. CAPSULE® is an independent, local, and family-owned company.

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The Benefits of Using CAPSULE® Portable Self-Storage

Why use CAPSULE instead of traditional moving services or storage? Consider the value of time, flexibility, simplicity, convenience, and peace of mind.

  • Only load up one time, rather than packing and unpacking several times.
  • Load at ground level instead of lifting items into a truck.
  • No need to rush and pack in one or two days.
  • Use a container as storage to better stage your house for sale, then use it to move.
  • Plans change. CAPSULE is flexible with deliveries and reacts quickly to your needs.
  • CAPSULE is cheaper than hiring a full turnkey moving service.
  • You know where everything is packed.
  • You own the lock.
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Our Moving Storage Containers

CAPSULE example Uses small machine to position.
CAPSULE example Made for Texas.
CAPSULE example Holds the contents of a small house.

How It Works

Simply fantastic. I’ve used a competitor* before over the years and I just used CAPSULE for the first time, and it is better in every way. The container is higher quality, cleaner, and the door design is way better. The delivery method is also way better. Much lower to avoid overhead obstructions and so easy to maneuver into exactly the corner I wanted it. Friendly service and simple pricing. Hard to beat!

— Andrew M., Google, January 2019