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CAPSULE Containers is a  Independent, Local, Family business that serves all of Dallas Fort Worth. 

Our Mission: Provide the most simplistic moving and storage solution to Dallas Fort Worth through quality in product and service. 

We are not a national company or a franchise. DFW is home to the one and only CAPSULE. You can visit us at the office south of Ft Worth or call anytime.  Give a native Texas company a shot, and we won’t disappoint! I care about making my customers happy. You won’t get a call center out of state, or have unexpected charges pop up. Containers are clean, and the service will not disappoint, you can check out our reviews.  

Why a Moving Container ? Why CAPSULE Containers ?

Here is what sets me apart from our competitors:

·         Best total price with no contract. 

·         Locally Owned (not a franchise nor a national company)

·         Solid Steel corrugated roofs and 18G Steel walls

·         Large Easy to open swing doors

·         Delivery system that can put them where others can’t

·         Track record of proven customer service and reliability

·         Simplicity and straight forward pricing, no hidden costs

CAPSULE Contaniers Other Moving Options
Pack and Unpack once Pack up into truck and unpack several times 
Let Capsule Drive You drive large rental truck, or make multiple trips
Pack at your own pace Rush to do in 1 day and ask friends to help
Pack at ground level pack UP into a truck
Made for Texas Ain't Texas
Straight forward pricing contract, vouge, risk. 

Family Owned in DFW Franchise, or Internationally owned company
Use small Machine to position Roll off Truck or large machine
Secure barn doors flimsy, difficult roll up doors
solid corrugated metal roof plastic, or composite roofs
Made for Texas Ain't Texas
Simple Pricing nickel and dimmed 
All in DFW Call centers
Ofiice Location: 
3509 N Main Clebunre, TX 76033

Office hours are: 

Monday: 8am - 5pm 

Tuesday: 8am - 5pm 

Wednesday: 8am - 5pm 

Thursday: 8am - 5pm 

Friday: 8am - 5pm

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<h3><strong>DFW CAPSULE</strong> - Local, Independent, Family Owned</h3>

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