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What Fits in a CAPSULE

Posted on July 11, 2019

One of the biggest questions we get is " I have XXX-SQFT house" Hoe much will that fit? 

The basic answer is a little vague and relies on several things. The rule of thumb is that our 8x16 Capsule will fit the basics of a 3 bedroom house. 

This Is based on several factors. 

1. Many people have a different amount of stuff in their 3 bedroom than others. 

2. How good are you at 3D Tetris / Packing or are you using professional Movers. 

3. If speaking with a Professional Mover our 8x16 Capsule correlates to a 20ft truck. 

Outside Demensions of Capsule : 8ft Wide / 16ft Long / 8ft Tall. 

Inside Demensions of Capsule: 7' 8" Wide / 7' 6" Long / 7' 6" Tall. 

2 Capsules fit in one drive in DFW
2 Capsules in the Drive in DFW Area

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