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Portable storage weight limit

Capsule moivng and storage weight limits

No matter what portable container company you are using you will learn about a weight limit. We will cover what a portable storage weight limit is, why we have weight limits, and how to gauge the weight of the contents.

What is a weight limit?

A weight limit can be expressed as the total maximum allowable weight of the container and contents, or the weight limit of the contents alone. CAPSULE’s weight limit Is expressed by contents alone. The CAPSULE can have 6,000lbs of contents inside the capsule without going overweight.

Why do we have weight limits?

Weight limits are typically specific to containers that will be moved with contents. Most weight limits do not apply to containers used only for on-site storage. CAPSULE has a weight limit of 6,000lbs of contents for our 8×16 CAPSULEs. This limit, and almost all weight limits set by portable storage companies are due to TXDOT weight regulations, not necessarily the durability of the container or equipment. For our truck, equipment, and container to operate on the road without a CDL driver, the entire rig needs to be under 26,000lbs. That is where the weight limit comes in. This is also why CAPSULE only provides 8x16ft containers and not 20ft, people go overweight with bigger ones, and the weight limits is actually less.

How do you gauge the weight of the contents?

CAPSULE has a machine that weighs the container before loading. However, to avoid delaying your move you want to make sure you do not go overweight. This can be tricky, but there are some easy and clear ways to make it a breeze.

First, it is more about what you put in it, than how much. Household items are not an issue, but some things are, BIG flags that affect the weight are things like:

  • Large gun safe
  • Large Rolling toolbox
  • A fully dismantled rock fireplace (yes that happened)
  • Multiple full filing cabinets
  • Abnormal amounts of boxes with books and paper

If you do not have any of those things, but you are still a little concerned, take the heaviest things you plan to pack, and look them up online for a weight (most retailers provide this online). The weight of the heaviest items should not exceed 4,500lbs.

Other things to consider about weight:

If you’re getting multiple CAPSULEs, try spreading the heavy items between the 2 CAPSULEs instead of all the heavy stuff in one, and all the light stuff in the other.

It is also beneficial to try to evenly distribute the weight in the container for transport. Some make the mistake of loading all the heavy items first, that means they all go in one capsule, and/or loaded on one end.

If you have any questions you can always call ant talk or email us.

Capsule loaded full of weight contents

Choosing a Moving Service: What to consider

Capsule is locla and heling north Texas DFW

Choosing a moving service or moving and storage container company? If your shopping around a container company to use, you might find it a bit confusing now that you realize there is more than just one company. I’ll walk you through some pricing models and what you might want to evaluate.

Here are the quick things to Consider:

  • Beware of “No transport fees”
  • Get all your costs upfront and in writing, advertised pricing is not your pricing 
  • Beware of high storage rent
  • Beware of term commitments
  • “Transparent Roof” means it’s plastic, not Steel 
  • Read reviews

Pricing: Why so different and why transport fees?


Capsule has a low constant rent with no term commitments, with flat transport fees. We do not charge more in rent if we keep it, and we do not charge by the mile. What we quote, is what you pay. It’s all month to month so no early move out penalties. This keeps it simple for you and for us. Transport fees help keep the monthly rent low and helps customers based on need. Not everyone is needing the same type of move or storage, we typically  move it 2,3, or 4 times. 

Other Moving Container companies:

Beware of “no transport fees”. That’s because there usually are, read the fine print if they travel more than 20-30 miles from their shop, there is a set $ per mile you’ll get charged after the delivery. These are gimmicks that usually result in “no transport” but a high monthly rent. This is bad for 2 reasons, you’ll get an charge you didn’t know about and a high rent. This is problematic if something goes wrong and you need it longer, because you’re going to pay that very high rent again. Most people who choose this route, think they only need it one month, but get a big surprise at the final bill. 

Others may charge more rent if you keep it with them. One red flag to keep in mind is that if you only need them to store it for a week, but you keep it on your property for 5 months, your paying 5 months of high rent. Just because they kept it with them for one week.

Another thing to keep in mind is term commitments. This is when you say you’ll probably need it for 6 months, and the company quotes you based on 6 months of rent.  Beware if you move out early from what you originally said, you may pay a penalty.  Term commitments you make at the beginning also tie into transport fees along with rent, any deviation may result in a high unexpected transport fee.

80 % of our customers that needed it one month or less had issues with a contractor, realtor, or title company that resulted in longer storage.

Moving Reviews:

When choosing a moving service or moving and storage container company why are reviews important? I’ve been told, there’s no difference, they all the same thig, and that couldn’t be further form the truth. The containers and service between competitors can be like day and night.

We are very proud of our customer satisfaction level and our online reviews. Like choosing a traditional mover you will want to do your research on them. They are not all just a box, they are not all the same.

Google, Facebook and twitter are good places to look for customer reactions and feedback. Yelp too, but it isn’t Used as much in our industry because their platform doesn’t conform to our niche industry.

Also, many boast about “transparent” roofs. That’s because they are plastic, we live in Texas, get a steel roof. 

We hope this helps you in your search for the right company. We hope we can help you out

choose  moving service : Plastic roof vs CAPSUEL steel roof Capsule has better quality containers than pods, packrat, mibox, u hual or anyone else
CAPSULE roofs vs a intonationally owned company
Capsule is locla and heling north Texas DFW
Capsule was chosen to Helps Texas Rangers Move to their new stadium in 2019-2020

COVID and Portable Storage

Capsule sign at sunrise

COVID and Portable Storage, Moving and Storage during Coronavirus, why portable storage might be and option for you and what we are doing.

Here are some big questions you may be asking your self if you have an upcoming move, renovation project, or small business:

Questions: COIVD with Moving and Storage

  • How can I limit the number of people in my house?
  • Will I maintain social distancing at a storage facility or using a moving company?
  • How do I create more open space in my congested office or business?

Answer: CAPSULE Portable Storage Solution

  • CAPSULE portable storage does not require strangers going through your house
  • Portable storage also gives you an option for Moving and storage that does not require leaving your home  
  • CAPSULE portable storage does not rush you in and out of locations
  • Contactless drop off and pick ups with signatures
  • Clean, sanitary, and disinfected CAPSULEs
  • Portable storage creates extra space for business during reopening, whil still having on-site access
  • CAPSULE portable storage provides dry storage during home renovation project

COVID-19 and the social distance would we are all trying to adapt to has created new realities. However, one thing will never change, People are still going to relocate, move, or require storage after disaster strikes.

Portable Storage and mobile containers have been an emerging industry for several years. Considering these new norms, we are all trying to adopt there is no better solution to your moving and storage needs.

Interior view of a CAPSULE container
Inside of clean disinfect CAPSULE

Discounts and Promotions vs Charities: Capsule Gives Back:

capsule truck in front of salvation army

Instead of discounts and promotions we at CAPSULE have chosen to give directly back to the community focusing on children in need around the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Capsule has decided that instead of discounts and promotions we will quote the best rate possible and give back to the community through charitable donations to nonprofit and other 501-c organizations. Most of the organizations supported are aimed at improving the lives of children in the immediate DFW community. Listed below are some of the organizations we have helped and continue to support.

Who we have supported:

Children’s Advocacy center of Johnson County 

10% of first month’s rent goes to them for county residents

CACJC Facebook & CACJC Website

Sunshine Spaces 

Facebook & Website

CAPSULE Provides product and services during renovations for children.

Salvation Army Angel Tree

Salvation Army of North Texas

CAPSULE Provides extra storage during Christmas Angle tree program.

Shop with a Cop

Provide donations and resources to give gifts to children during Christmas.

capsule truck in front of salvation army Capsule Giving Back: Discounts and Promotions supporting North Texas Children
CAPSULE helping local DFW children
Capsule Giving Back: Discounts and Promotions supporting North Texas Children
Child Advocacy Center

Why Give and why these Charities?

CAPSUEL is a local Family-owned business in Dallas Fort Worth.

We have chosen to give directly back to organizations the have a positive impact on our local community by helping those most innocent. Not only is it great to do, but by focusing on the children we can have a decade’s longs impact on North Texas.

Packing a CAPSULE Moving and Storage Container

Interior view of a CAPSULE container

So, lets say you’ve made a smart decision and decided to use Capsule moving containers for your local move here in DFW. Now all you need to do it pack, but although some things might seem obvious it’s always good to go over the basics on how to pack before you start. Packing a Truck, and a moving container are fairly the same. When Packing a CAPSULE there are three basics, heavy stuff on bottom, secure it using straps or packing it in tight, and try to distribute weight evenly.

  • Pack up the walls and across the ceiling, like 3-d Tetris.
  • Start with the heavy stuff first like dressers at the bottom, then pack up with the lighter weight stuff from there.
  • Larger heavy furniture should be placed around the edge of the Capsule container. Try to do distribute the weight equally around the left and right side of the Capsule moving container.  
  • Stand longer items up tall to take up less floor space and allow for more room on the floor. Packing up, is harder than using more floor space.  
  • Stack lighter boxes on top. Boxes should be stacked by weight not size. IF using boxes accordingly, smaller boxes hold heavier stuff.
  • Do not underestimate using boxes. The help organize and allow things to be stackable.
  • Use straps to hold anything down that could fall over or slide. Do not ratchet stuff down to hard, just enough to keep stuff in place.
  • If you have got bolts from taking things apart, use baggies, and label them.
  • Label boxes.
  • Do not be afraid to use different size boxes, they come in handy when wedging stuff into place.
  • Load the things you’ll need first at the new place last, and at the doors.

All that seems like common sense, but its good to go over before you start.

Packing a CAPSULE to the door
Packing a CAPSULE to the door, Popcorn machine and all. Looks like Tetris
Interior view of a CAPSULE container
Inside of clean disinfect CAPSULE. Hooks and inserts’ to latch straps

Is a CAPSULE Moving and Storage Container Right for You?

CAPSULE container in a house's driveway

There are a lot of benefits to a CAPSULE moving and storage container, but it may not be the best option for everyone. We don’t like to talk ourself out of business, but we have a high customer satisfaction level because we want to make sure we are a good fit.

In order to understand if it’s right for you, let’s look at the primary benefits. Then, we will look at the common misconceptions where a Capsule may not be a good fit vs the alternatives.

Benefits of CAPSULE Moving Containers

  • Reduces labor and effort.
    • Load at your own apace
    • Load at ground level
    • Packing one time
    • You call when ready to move
  • You’re packing so you know where things are at
  • Flexibility when things change
    • Closings or projects don’t always stay on schedule, don’t get stuck with bad options if things fall through on closing or a contractor doesn’t finish on time. 
  • You don’t have to drive a large truck
  • Cost effective when compared to full service movers

Common misconceptions with moving containers

  • Moving all in one day
    • If you need the container dropped off in the morning and moved the same day you may be better of renting a truck, or a full-service moving crew. Capsule does not provide same day drop and pick up, this is due to logistics, someone is always waiting on someone else (mover don’t show up on time or you thought it would take 30min to load). No one else does this either, be weary of salespeople in a call center that promise you that.
  • Apartments
    • Capsule has helped many people move in and out of apartments. However, you want to check on the apartment complex rules regarding them, plan for where you want to put it.
    • Second, if you’re in downtown Dallas, and the only parking is a parking garage, there may be no place to drop the capsule, we do not put them on the curb. They must go on your property, or in a parking space.
  • 24 hr Access
    • If you plan to put the container into our storage, we are happy to give you free access during business hours with 24hrs notice so we can pull it. However, if you plan to make regular stops in and out, a traditional 24hr self-storage facility may be a better option
Capsule Moving and Storage Containers 
is portable storage and option for you?
If Portable Storage is a right fit, Capsule Moving and Storage Containers is here to help