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Rental of 8x16 Moving and storage containers for: 

  • On site storage for remodel or restoration

  • Moving directly from one house to another

  • Moving from one house to another and need storage in between

  • Not sure yet? no problem, pricing will be straight forward and is modeled for the change in your needs

If you’re not familiar with Portable Storage Containers here is a basic Who, What, When, Where, & Why of CAPSULE:

Who: Family owned business, not a franchise or national company.

What: 8x16 Portable storage containers for moving and storage.

  • Moving directly from one house to another.
  • Storage between moving out and moving into new home
  • On-site storage renovation, restoration, or other.

When: We can work on very short notice. We do not deliver or open on Sundays.

Where: All of DFW, we do not do long distance. (Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denotn, Parker, Johnson, ELlis Counties) 

Why:  CAPSULE vs traditional moving services or storage? The value is in time, flexibility, easiness, convenience, and peace of mind.  

  • Only load up one time, no packing and unpacking several times
  • Load at ground level and not up into a truck
  • No need to rush and pack in one or 2 days.
  • Use it a storage to better stage your house for sell, then use it to move.
  • Plans change, CAPSULE is flexible with delivers and reacts quickly to your needs.
  • Cheaper than hiring full turn key moving service.
  • You know where everything is pack away at and it has your lock on it. 

For Rent:

  • 8x16 Storage Containers
    • Steel Roof
    • Steel Walls
    • Easy Open Swing Doors
  • E-Track Straps $4
  • Moving Blankets $4
  • Hand Truck Dolly $10 

For Purchase:

  • Shrouded Master lock Padlock $15
  • Boxes $1.50-$4.50

Will all my stuff fit in a 8x16 box or will I need more than 1 CAPUSLE?

CAPSULE containers will approximately fit a small house, or a 2-3 bedroom apartment inside. 

If the CAPSULE container is moving with your contents in it, it can not have more than 6,000lbs worth of contents in the container. 

Packing Supplies can be purchased upon initial scheduling or before delivery. 

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<h3><strong>DFW CAPSULE</strong> - Local, Independent, Family Owned</h3>

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