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COVID and Portable Storage, Moving and Storage during Coronavirus, why portable storage might be and option for you and what we are doing.

Here are some big questions you may be asking your self if you have an upcoming move, renovation project, or small business:

Questions: COIVD with Moving and Storage

  • How can I limit the number of people in my house?
  • Will I maintain social distancing at a storage facility or using a moving company?
  • How do I create more open space in my congested office or business?

Answer: CAPSULE Portable Storage Solution

  • CAPSULE portable storage does not require strangers going through your house
  • Portable storage also gives you an option for Moving and storage that does not require leaving your home  
  • CAPSULE portable storage does not rush you in and out of locations
  • Contactless drop off and pick ups with signatures
  • Clean, sanitary, and disinfected CAPSULEs
  • Portable storage creates extra space for business during reopening, whil still having on-site access
  • CAPSULE portable storage provides dry storage during home renovation project

COVID-19 and the social distance would we are all trying to adapt to has created new realities. However, one thing will never change, People are still going to relocate, move, or require storage after disaster strikes.

Portable Storage and mobile containers have been an emerging industry for several years. Considering these new norms, we are all trying to adopt there is no better solution to your moving and storage needs.

Interior view of a CAPSULE container
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