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What fits in 8x16?

  • The rule of thumb is that the basics of a 3-bedroom house will fit into our 8x16ft container. However, that depends how good you are at 3D Tetris (packing). The idea is to pack up the walls and across the ceiling.

Does Capsule do long distance moves?

  • No, we do not do out of state or long-distance moves. Our typical service areas include the following counties:
    • Dallas
    • Tarrant
    • Collin
    • Denton
    • Johnson
    • Ellis
    • Parker
  • We have had customer use us for long distance moves by unloading into a capsule from a truck because they house was not ready. Or reverse, packing into a van or truck out of the capsule when they got ready to finally move.

Any other sizes?

  • No, we only offer 8x16 size. Any bigger and people tend to go overweight (6,000lbs). Any smaller and it isn’t any cheaper.

Is there a weight limit?

  • The Capsule can be loaded with 6,000lbs of content. We have a digital scale on our machine that weighs it. Most cars do not weigh 6K and I have not had an issue when people pack household items. The problem comes with what you are packing. Here is a list of items that would raise concern: Large gun safes, large amounts of paper or books, loaded toolboxes.
  • The weight limit comes from TXDOT requirements on the road, and our system allows for a larger capacity than what I’ve seen our competitors allow.  
  • Weight limits don’t apply if we are not moving it with stuff inside for on-site storage.
What can not go in the Capsule?
  • Your can read our master agreement for full details, but here are the big ones we prohibit:
  • Nothing living
  • Nothing flammable (propane, fuel cans) anything combustible
  • No motorized vehicles (motorbikes or lawn mowers)
  • No food or anything that can decompose
Is the Capsule waterproof?
  • To date, we have not had any issue with weather (heat, cold, or rain) take a look at this YouTube clip.
Is CAPSULE storage in a Climate controlled warehouse?
  • Capsule is not climate controlled. No matter who you use, the best rule of thumb is to not pack anything in a container you wouldn't keep in your car at the airport. I am not aware of any portable storage container company in DFW (big or small) that does a true climate control facility, so if they say 'yes'.. ask them to define climate controlled.
  • Some of our customers have chosen to use the Capsule to store the bulk of their items, but then rent a small closet sized climate controlled room for photo albums or anything they are truly concerned about.
What type of clearance do you need for delivery?
  • 9ft wide, 9ft tall to put it somewhere.
  • We can do ally ways or steep drives.
How do I lock the container?
  • Customers are responsible for locking the container, a typical pad lock will work, we can provide one for convenience for $15.
How much notice does Capsule need to schedule a move?
  • The more time the better, but typically 2 days’ notice and we can work you in.
  • We do not move on Sundays
  • Fridays and Saturdays pack up quickly and we need to know earlier in the week (by Tuesday at noon typically for that Friday, no guarantees)
Do I have access to Capsule in Storage?
  • Yes, just give us 24hrs heads up and we can pull it for you and have it ready
  • There is no charge
Do you prorate rent?
  • No, it is monthly and you are charged the morning of delivery.  
  • Your anniversary is the day we delivery it, and that is when you are billed for the next months rent.
Do you provide content Insurance?
  • No, customer takes full responsibility of the contents in the container.
  • Check with homeowners, or renter’s insurance, many will cover storage.
How long can I keep the Capsule?
  • As long as you keep paying for it, I do not have term contract. Check with HOA or your city to see if they have rules. Some have 30 days rules
Does Capsule provide loading and unloading services?
  • NO, put I can provide you with the name of a few local companies that provide labor.  
HOA and City Rules
  • Customer takes responsibility for knowing there HOA and city rules regarding portable storage containers.
Can you park it on the curb / street?
  • No, it must go on your property. Our rule is it goes on your property. We do not place it in any right of ways.
How does Pricing work?
  • There is a monthly rental due on delivery and the anniversary of delivery, then every time we move it, including drop off and pick up empty. Transport fee based on location, and most customers have us move it 2,3, or 4 times.
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