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How it Works

CAPSULE works with YOU

Useful situations, used for many things including:

  • Onsite storage for renovations, remodeling, flooring, and extra space
  • Moving House to House: Relocation
  • Moving and Storage in between New locations: Gap in closing, or project does not finish in time.
  • Not sure: Plan to move directly to your new house, but it falls through... no problem we got you covered and can adjust to meet your needs.

The Capsule Containers:

  • All Capsules are 8x16 in size
  • They fit the basics of a 3-bedroom house or about 1,200 Sqft.
  • There is a 6,000lbs weight limit for the contents
  • There is a place to lock the capsule with a basic or disc pad lock.
  • The Capsules(s) must be placed on your property, not on the curb or in the right of way. 

How does Scheduling Work:

  • We ask for 2-3 business days’ notice lead time. We can sometimes do much quicker, but the more time the better. 
  • We do not deliver on Sundays.
  • IF we have access and clear instructions no one needs to be home for delivery.
  • We require electronic signature (no term / length contracts required everything is month to month) 
  • A credit card is required to get on schedule. NO reservation, cancelation, or rescheduling fees. The first month’s rent, and delivery fee is charged the Evening before or morning of delivery.
  • We do not reserve time slots; you tell us what day and we work it into the schedule to keep everything as efficient as possible, and avoid delays. EXAMPLE: IF a container needs to be There at 8am, we need to drop it off the day before. or If we can not pick it up before 2pm, then we will need to grab it the next day.


  • There is a rental rate and transport fees. Fill out the quote for to get your rates. 
  • We do Not prorate, everything is Month to Month
  • Auto billing is required and the anniversary it the day we deliver the capsule to you.
  • We do not charge mileage or extra to store the capsule for you, but every time we move the capsule (Deliver empty, Pick up empty, house to house, into Storage, out of storage) there is a transport fee based on location. To get your rental rate and transport fees, fill out the quote form.

Transport Service  On-Site Storage Move House to House Capsule Stores It
Drop Off Empty (Move In) X X X
Pick Up Empty (Move Out) X X X
Curb to Curb (House to House Full)   X  
Return Full (Capsule brings it into storage)     X
Deliver Full (Capsule returns it from storage)     X

Why a Moving Container? 

CAPSULE Containers Other Moving Options
Pack and Unpack once Pack up into truck and unpack several times 
Let Capsule Drive You drive large rental truck, or make multiple trips
Pack at your own pace Rush to do in 1 day and ask friends to help
pack at ground level pack UP into a truck
Straight forward pricing contract, vague, risk. 

WHy CAPSULE Container? 

CAPSULE Other Containers
Family Owned Franchise, or Internationally owned company
Use small Machine to position Roll off Truck or large machine
Secure barn doors flimsy, difficult roll up doors
solid corrugated metal roof plastic, or composite roofs
Made for Texas Ain't Texas
Simple Pricing nickel and dimed 
All in DFW Call centers

CAPSULE Delivery & Positioning System


Some rules:

  • We require individuals to do auto-pay so you need a credit card or debit card.
  • We do Not Pro-rate
  • Rent starts when the container is dropped off, and ends when you schedule pick up.
  • Don’t fill up the container with more than 6,000 Lbs of contents. (or $4,500 worth) 
  • CAPSULE isn’t responsible for the contents (check with your homeowners/renters insurance) 
  • check with your HOA and/or city (if in city limits) about their rules 
  • Summary of Lease Agreement Here.
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